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7 passenger vehicles has a body of one of the following types

Minivan – passenger car with two-box or one-box design. Can also vahe a title MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). In compression with the station wagon, at the same length of body, minivan have more interior volume. 7 passenger minivan have 3 rows of seats. Minivan on base of a compact-car have a title compact van.

 Crossover SUV – vehicle built on a passenger car platform, and have features of a SUV with features of a passenger vehicle. Crossovers equipped more volume body and higher clearance, can be equipped with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Seating capacity ranges from 7 to 8.

SUV – vehicle similar to a station wagon, but have more volume body and usually equipped with four-wheel drive. Can also have a title sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle. SUV have advantages, such as high ceiling, high seating, high ground clearance and good cross .Seating capacity ranges from 7 to 9.

 Interior of 7 passenger vehicle

In the large-capacity vehicles, the following layot seats


This scheme applies to all 7 passenger vehicles
The number of seats — 7

This scheme is used in 8 seater SUV